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Hello everyone, Welcome the home of humanity. We are the student of Khulna Medical College come to help people in internet version. In our country health status is not so high but we always try to service our people though Govt. or Personal practice.The number of people is more more more then the doctor. So proper health care sometime hamper for this ratio. Even we do not know where to found the exact doctor for particular treatment. Some time it is difficult to know the doctor of one area from other eg: people of Khulna knows a little about the doctor of Dhaka. Even in Khulna many of them do not know how many Vascular Surgeon have in Khulna and where they practice. This picture is same in all over the country. However we just come to make familiar with the doctor they need and the doctor they have in there own area. We start with a little boundary but has a will to reach every corner of Bangladesh. Stay with us and help us with your valuable opinions. Prey to us so that we can help people with information.

We are (K21) : Subrata Devnath
                         Rathin Baddya
                         MD Towhidul Hasan Tushar
                         Krishno Kumar Biswas 

Our motto:
We are not only work for the people but also work for doctor. We always try to build up a good relationship between doctor and patient. We want to familiar every doctor to patient in Bangladesh. We try to enlist all the doctor , hospital clinic and health services in one platform in Bangladesh.
Its is true that, many of our country people does not know about how much develop our country in health sector. But you believe if or not, you can now get all kind of treatment from higher trained doctor in our country. It is not too far when we does not have to go abroad for critical and expensive treatment.
Now, multiparty care treatment system start in our country to give more accurate treatment to patient. But even many of us does not know how to better treatment and where to go. It is more serious in rural to get a better treatment even now. We just work for them to built a good and familiar relationship between patient and his/her specialist.
We also work for new doctor who pass the MBBS ,or  BDS exact now.they can obviously join with us by providing us all details.
Our ultimate aim for you are:
1) A easy way to find your doctor so that you does not have to face any trouble for treatment.
2) Find a specific doctor near to your area to get specific treatment easily staying home.
3) A huge number of doctor make you easy and give you free choice option to take serial for treatment
4) Choice your best doctor as your wish
5) Find your hospital and care center near to your area with full information before admit
6) Find your desire hospital and care center or clinic according to your financial status.
7) Get full information about the service and facility of the Hospital and clinic and choice which is best for your treatment and support.
 Other service:
8) You also get the ambulance contact number for emergency period.
9) Chose various diagnostic center according to their location from your area and their quality and demand of service

We always respect those people who work for people. We can not go ahead alone . So we need support every time. The persons who always stay with us and support us all time:

Osman Sheikh
 Rayhan Kabir

Come to help with us:
Our ultimate aim to indexing all the doctor , hospital, clinic, diagnostic center and other health care services in our country. But it is hard for us to do it quickly. Besides , the number of hospital, clinic  and diagnostic center increase day by day. So if you want to help us to include your local doctor , hospital, clinic information we can cover whole Bangladesh very quickly. Even if you are a doctor or physician you can also join us very easily. We think and hope a time will come when patient get all information, treatment though internet staying home. Thank you and stay with us.


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