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Daktarbd Terms and Condition:

Welcome to Daktarbd.com. It is a non commercial site where we publish medical related  ( eg. doctor, medical services or Hospital and clinic ) information to public. We are not associate with medical practice (eg. prescription or give direct medicine) or  commercial management (eg. Appointment into hospital/clinic or to give a serial in chamber). Its only an informative site where you get the specific information about a doctor, hospital, clinic, diagnostic center, ambulance services etc. You can also find your doctor, hospital, clinic near or far from your area.

Before take any kind of activity with us you should follow our terms and conditions carefully:

Indexing yourself:
We automatically work to index you into our website but some time its not possible to include your information for communication gap. But if you want you can send your detail to publish your self.
Before publishing or indexing you may follow few rules >>>

If you a doctor:
1) If you prefer to index yourself in our site just leave us your detail in our contact page
2) You can also send your detail in sign up  or registration forms.
(Currently this survive is not available so you can send your detail via email or contact form to us)
3) Before send detail please see the content you must submit:
>> Your valid email so that we can contact you future.
>> Authorized Name (Not nick name)
>> Your degree ( MBBS must)
>> your serial or contact information so that patient can find you for treatment.
4) You may also submit bellow content if you have:
>> Chamber address
>> Visiting time
>> Closing day
>> your photo
5) You must provide your visiting card, taking with any mobile device or camera.
>> Take a clear photo. Do not edit your visiting card
>> Your visiting card should contain "Must submit content".
6) If you change your chamber, location please inform us as soon as possible

If you are a Hospital super or Clinic director:
You must have to provide >>
1) Your institute location
2) Facility and faculty of treatment
3) Contact information
4) Ambulance service detail
5) Doctor list (If possible)
6) Website address (If you have)

If you an Ambulance service:
1) You will send your valid Contact number (mobile or telephone)
2) your service should always on running
3) If you keep your service stop , please inform us
4) If any one claim about your contact or service we may check it manually

Our service term:
we work for people. So you should always keep you public friendly.
1) You will tell your real identity, we check every content manually
2) If people claim us about your contact or anythings you provide, you have to edit or update your claimed information within 48 hours after we notice you.
3) This service is totally free, so will not force us in any kind action against other.
4) We keep all data reserved so you will never request to know other information without his/her permission.
5) you will never promote us to keep your content in front page or another place you like.

ID Term:
1) We never accept a fake id, so you will never use a fake id, if detect we will remove it without notice
2) You will never give us any information that not related our service
3) You will open only one user id, if we remove it any violence you never open ID with this email address.

Publish information:
1) By publishing your information you took all responsibility about it
2) You will not delete your content and republish it without our permission

We always try to keep our page safe for visitor . So you must follow the safety term bellow.
1) Do not upload spam or virus or malicious code
2) Do not upload any hate speech, threatening or pornography, violence, nudity content.


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